Mission Statement

No Wake Zone Outfitters
was created to bring simple apparel to your freshwater lifestyle. 
10% of all net profits will be donated to our friends at Stand Up For Great Lakes. To continue education at schools/events, beach and river restorations, water quality, and sanctuary of marine wildlife in our Great Lakes.

"It all started as a dream to cross Lake Michigan.  Stand Up for Great Lakes- watermen with a passion  – decided that one way to advocate and protect beautiful, natural resources of water like the Great Lakes, was to cross each one via stand up paddleboard. So far we have crossed Lake Michigan and Lake Huron.  

Inspired by a love of water, an innate drive to challenge themselves and a wish to educate and inspire others about the Great Lakes

The threats to our lakes are numerous. From industrial and agricultural pollution to storm-water runoff and sewage overflow, from oil spills to thoughtless littering, from invasive species to wasteful water use, this essential watershed and majestic playground is stretched to the breaking-point.

 All the money raised goes to education, raising awareness and protecting these amazing lakes. We work with scientists, policymakers, businesses, community groups, and everyday citizens to protect and restore the world’s largest freshwater resource. 

It will go to a continued education at schools/ events, beach and river restorations, water quality, and sanctuary of marine wildlife in our Great Lakes

A big part of Stand Up is inspiring our future generation.  We take them on mini adventures and will be issuing grants to promising young people in the field of aquatic biology! 

We love our lakes,  the big ones and the small ones!"
-Stand Up Great Lakes